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CIO Nr. 1


In its first issue of 2019 CIO Magazine focuses on the super fast developments in technology. What is possible and not yet possible in the cloud? How to leverage the possibilities of the Internet-of-Things? How to employ artificial intelligence and all other developments in the field of data? And don’t forget to pay some attention to information security…


CIO Nr. 2


If one field has changed in a revolutionary way in the last few years, it must be sourcing. What is going on? Economic developments have made the classical approach and traditional contracts obsolete. Speed, agility and outcome-based cooperation are the keywords now. This can be done by means of cloudsourcing, an agile way of working and in ecosystems. This issue of CIO Magazine is dedicated to three game changers in sourcing: cloud, agile and ecosystems.

CIO Nr. 3


The all-powerful customer, the demands of the market, the need for innovation and a very short time-to-market force organisations to become agile. The agile way of working in the enterprise was first adopted by IT departments. And they will keep playing an important role, as the economy and society go through a rapid digital transformation. What is the role of the CIO, as far as the agile way of
working is concerned? How to scale up agile?

CIO Nr. 4


A rather abstract concept, leadership. A fine definition is: knowing when one can contribute – and then step forward. And so anyone can be a leader. This issue of CIO Magazine is of course dedicated to the CIO as a leader. What is asked of the CIO, now that he has become the cornerstone of the digital
transformation? Extra: a special about CIODAY2019 – all about the conference and the competitors for the CIO of the Year Award.

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